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Tiny Dog Stories—Fall 2021

Dog love in short form: miniature, reader-submitted dog stories of no more than 100 words.

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Canine Social Director

Until our Rat Terrier, Cali, adopted us three years ago, I’d never realized that I knew almost no one in our neighborhood. Cali never met anyone she didn’t like and she has introduced me to all of them on our daily walks.

Daily outings are “meet and greet” events choreographed by our canine social director. We’re up and out each morning in all weather and all moods. Even if I start out grumpy Cali, always eager for contact, sniffs her pals and I chat with their owners. There are no strangers at the end of a leash.—Lucy Iscaro


Love Letter

I am blind and received a hand-written letter. Frustrated because I could not read it, but wanting to alleviate my frustration with humor, I showed the letter to my guide dog, Kilo, and asked, “Can you read this?”

He gently took the paper from my hand, placed a paw on either side, and, as I reached to take back the letter and tell him I was just joking, I felt his head turning from left to right, as he attempted to fulfill my request. After a minute, he looked up at me.

“Well,” I asked, “What does it say?”—Vicky Winslow


Grieving Cletus

My aunt passed away last year, unexpectedly. She left behind her beloved Lab/Hound mix, Cletus. He was devastated! He sat in the window for months, crying and watching for her to return. I talked my mom into letting me take him. When I got him, he was so sad and could hardly walk. We took him to our vet and he was diagnosed with severe arthritis. We got him the medication he needs. He is still on the meds and is the happiest and sweetest dog ever!! I couldn't have asked for a better dog.—Shyann Bryans


Annie the Adventure Pup

Annie is what I call a “ditch dog.” We found her while moving from Georgia to South Carolina. She was eating garbage and her teeth were already rotting out of her adorable little face. She was only nine months old. After she followed us around the yard, she jumped in a box we were putting into our truck and she's been by our side ever since. I tell people we rescued her, but the truth of it is, she rescued us. She's now almost six years old and goes on every adventure we do!—Morgan Lytle


Bird Rescuer

As my little Cockapoo Caia took off down the beach, I wondered what had so captured her attention as to cause such a display of speed in a 12-year-old dog. She headed into Lake Michigan and swam toward something in the water. She reached the white object floating on the surface, and I hurried to see what in the world was going on.

It turns out my little girl had sensed a seagull in distress and pulled the large bird to shore so it could recover—which it eventually did!—Ellen Powers


9/11 Angel

In 2001, my husband and I and our Boston terrier, Gabriel, lived on the 24th floor of an apartment building six blocks away from the Twin Towers. On September 11th, we evacuated our home, were covered by dust and debris, and spent hours dodging deadly smoke. Gabriel got sick immediately. A vet told us he’d ingested the toxic dust that coated his fur in an attempt to clean himself. The dust contained ground up glass, which shredded his esophagus. On this 20th anniversary, we’ll remember all those who died that day. We’ll also remember Gabriel, our angel that watches over us.—Christina Ray Stanton


Dog Parade

Every morning,

Bright and early,

The dogs are loosed,

Both smooth and curly.

Sleek pampered pet

And ragged reject,

They run outside,

More than you’d expect.

More, and more,

Spotted and sleek.

Majestic Great Dane and

Silly little Peke.

Bright testament to

A loving heart.

My kindly neighbour,

Doing her part.

Saving the strays

One dog at a time.

Her job, her vocation,

Her heart’s paradigm.

Every four-legged creature

Fenced in next door

Is a furry life saved,

No less, no more.

How fortunate for me

That fate has bade

I live next door

To the Dog Parade.

—Vickie Finlay

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