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Puppy Styled

Japanese Dog Grooming—Before and Afters. Sometimes, all it takes is a great haircut

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Photos by Grace Chon

When LA-based photographer Grace Chon began to work on the idea for an original photo series called “Hairy,” she didn’t know it would become the delightful, newly released book Puppy Styled. She just knew she wanted to capture a series of before-and-after shots of dogs transformed through grooming.

In working on the series, Grace quickly became captivated by Japanese dog grooming, which, unlike standard breed haircuts, has but one adjective: make the dog as cute as possible, while bringing out the personality of the individual pup. Hand scissor-work is done with detail and precision, transforming each dog into an anime-like character of over-the-top cuteness. Grace’s photos, ridiculously adorable before and after’s documenting the transformation, are now gathered in her new book Puppy Styled, and are all but guaranteed to make you smile. As Grace notes, sometimes, all it takes is a great haircut.

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