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The Sweet Smell of Something Other Than Wet Dog

The Aromax scent diffuser

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During a recent trip to Los Angeles to attend FOX’s Cause for Paws event, we stayed at the Sofitel Beverly Hills and every time we walked into the lobby, it smelled amazing. Finally, we asked the concierge, “What is that delightful scent?” The answer was an Air Aroma diffuser circulating a fig fragrance. We immediately decided we had to try it in Modern Dog’s dog-friendly office and can report it’s perfect for diffusing a light scent, whether at home or in an office (in the latter, a signature scent can be part of your branding!). Two delightful scents to try in a dog-friendly environment are the Bergamot Burst fragrance and the anti-bacterial Breathe Easy essential oil. Or go outdoorsy with Fresh Grass or Pure Peppermint! Have a nervy pup? Air Aroma’s Go Relax essential oil blend contains ylang ylang, which has been shown to have a relaxing effect on dogs. For those interested in replacing their current signature eau de dog scent with something a little fresher, check out (The model we use is the $300 Aromax.)

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