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At age 51, Mary Wolff was experiencing a desire familiar to many—to change course and to give back. But in just what direction? Her inspiration was to come from an unlikely place: a ratty drink coaster. Her two beloved Yorkies, Sophie and Willie, turned up their noses at the fancy toys bought for them. On a whim, Mary tossed a fabric drink coaster across the room and her reluctant-to-play pups pounced! They LOVED playing with it.

“This inadvertent drink coaster/fetch game became a daily ritual of great fun and exercise,” writes Mary. “However, even five-pound Willie could tear them apart with ease. So, I thought, maybe I can design a similar version with safer, more durable and natural materials, and….voila! Eco-Fetcher was born. Not only did they play daily with it, it proved to be durable with the most “super-chewer” testers from three pounds to 110 pounds!”

These toys were to become the foundation of Mary’s company, Honest Pet Products, founded on the principles of being true to our pets, our planet, and people. She sources the most natural materials possible to create pet toys and shampoo that are not only safe and durable, but fun. Sustainable hemp and wool are used to make their truly eco-friendly toys, which are all biodegradable and made in Wisconsin.

Her products have found an extremely enthusiastic fanbase of dogs and people alike. Courtney and Adam of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, write their dog Stiv is “obsessed with his Eco-Fetcher. He has had it for a couple of weeks now which is the longest he’s ever had a toy…soft or hard, except for the extra heavy-duty nylon bone, which he hasn’t touched since he got his Eco-Fetcher.” Their review is just one of the many glowing testimonials from people delighted to have found a durable toy that their dog not only loves, but that’s good for people and the planet, too. Find them at

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