Freedom Ride

Freedom Ride: Team Plover Transports Shelter Dogs To Awaiting Homes

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In 2018 Christian Marcello graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto, only to realize he had “zero passion” for Chemical Engineering. “It was as exciting as it sounds,” he says.  Instead of jumping straight into a career in his field, he decided he’d take a bit of time, follow his heart, and try different things—things he was actually interested in. more
Dogue de Bordeaux dog in the water

The Dogue de Bordeaux

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Size alone makes the Dogue de Bordeaux a head-turner. With an imposing stature, an absolutely massive head, and inquisitive eyes, the Dogue de Bordeaux is the very definition of presence. What’s this breed’s story? more
Be a Hero to a Dog That Really Needs You!

Be a Hero to a Dog That Really Needs You!

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Are you a dog lover with a burning desire to make a difference in the lives of shelter dogs? Or perhaps you’re a dog lover who’s not ready for the full-time responsibility of having your own dog at present but you’d love some canine companionship? Either way, fostering is the perfect solution! By signing up to foster rescue dogs, you can save many lives and get a taste of the joys of having a dog around, without the worries of long-term dog parenthood! more

This Allergy Test Can Turn Your Dog's Life Around

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In partnership with 5Strands Affordable Testing  more
A Dog Treat Recipe For Fresh Breath

A Dog Treat Recipe For Fresh Breath

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INGREDIENTS {Note: Organic is best whenever possible} more


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