Smarty Paws: Living with a Canine Einstein

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Have you ever met a dog so smart it was a little scary? Many years ago, I was vacuuming under my dining room table when a flash of pink caught the corner of my eye. Tucked behind one of the table legs was a sticky pyramid of stacked Benadryl tablets. I had been giving the pills to my Shetland Sheepdog, Merlin, for an allergy issue. He had apparently been depositing his medication out of sight for about a week, in a neat little hot pink pile. No wonder his allergies weren’t getting any better! more
Soda Pup

Social Distancing? Need a drink? Help is on the way!

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Before now the dog most associated with alcohol was probably the St. Bernard. These giant dogs have often been portrayed carrying small barrels of brandy around their necks to help avalanche victims (although alcohol is not actually what you want to be drinking if you are stuck in the snow). more

Border Collie Wins Trick Competition Performing as Hairy Pawter. Watch the Video!

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Border Collie Amos and his owner, Debbi Snyder of Lakeland, Florida has won the 2020 AKC Trick Dog Competition. This second annual competition was a virtual event, open to Elite Performers, AKC’s highest level of trick dogs. More than 100 competitors from 29 states and Canada submitted videos of performances that were judged by three AKC licensed judges. Their entertaining routine, “Hairy Pawter and The Sorcerer’s Bone,” featured Amos as Hairy Pawter. more

Shock Reaction: Impromptu Video Plea Offering Dog Bandanas Goes Viral

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When 23-year-old Sophia Shock’s beloved Uncle Andy suffered a debilitating stroke at age 57, she prayed for assistance—and then sprang into action. The Plainfield, Indiana native was sitting on the couch with her uncle’s dog, Alex, whom she now takes care of, when inspiration hit. “I had prayed many nights prior about finding a way to help Andy financially but didn’t know what that could be,” says Shock. more

A Vacation Like No Other

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It’s 8 am and I’m already sweating profusely. The hot to-go coffee doesn't seem like a good idea anymore. We wait for our ride in front of our guesthouse in the village of Naiyang, Phuket, an island in Thailand. Punctually, a white truck with a big orange “Soi Dog” sign appears. We jump on the back of the truck, squeezing in with the other volunteers, and enjoy the breeze as we ride through morning traffic. I’m excited for another day at the shelter. more


Dog of the Week!

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