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Smile! 6 Easy Ways To Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy

Dental Products Worth Smiling About

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Photo submitted by Jess Doro

Keeping your dog smiling and happy is always a top priority, but maintaining good dental health can sometimes be a pain (literally, if your dog doesn’t enjoy your invasive fingers). For easier dental care check out the dental products that have these dogs grinning from ear to fuzzy ear!


#1 I love my pearly whites, but don’t love when my owner tries to brush them! But when she sprinkles delicious PlaqueOff over my food, I not only gobble it right up, but in doing so keep my gums and teeth healthy.—Chester

Photo submitted by Debby Fawbert


#2 Crocodile bones, they’re my favourite kind of chew! Exotic and delicious, Barkworthies Crocodile Bone Chews prevent tartar build up as I chew them, making me positively giddy.—Brandy

hoto submitted by Nancy Polisena


#3 I wouldn’t usually let my owner rub her finger around my mouth, but Kruuse’s Fingerbrushes make it a hilarious and pleasant experience! It helps us bond.—Manuel “Manny” Ramirez

hoto submitted by Karen Jumonville


#4 Mmm, who knew toothpaste could be so delicious? I guess Kruuse did when they made Tandpasta. But really I love it because it gets rid of my bad breath, meaning my owners will actually let me kiss them (which, I admit, I love to do).—Charlie

hoto submitted by Jules McNubbin


#5 I’ve always got bacon on my mind, and these Hartz Chew N’ Clean BACON flavoured dental toys are irresistible! Cleans my teeth, tastes delicious, and keeps me entertained? You bet it does.—Rue

hoto submitted by Helen Parkinson Brown


#6 Maintaining these stunning good looks takes work! But John Paul Pet’s Tooth & Gum Wipes at least take care of my oral hygiene, leaving me pepperminty fresh for all my hot dates (you can find me at the beach, dog park, or local dog-friendly patios).—Nella

hoto submitted by DeAnna Bastin

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