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At-Home Grooming Tips and Tricks to Get Your Pet Holiday Ready

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The approaching holidays are a great chance to bond with your pets. However, with the holidays comes that last minute grooming to get your pet holiday (and camera) ready. A great solution is at-home grooming – it is not only affordable, but also allows for some extra bonding with your pet! You are able to give them some extra love and care in the comfort of their own home. CONAIRPRO PET has some grooming tips to share to help keep your furry friend looking his best, right at home.

You know your pet better than anyone else does – make sure to take the time to put him at ease and give him/her some extra reassurance before you move onto grooming. To begin, you want to make sure that you have prepped the coat and that it is tangle-free. Start by combing through the coat and gently removing any knots or tangles with the included Basic Metal Comb. If you need to do a quick trim around the eyes, paws and sanitary areas, try our compact Palm Pro Micro Trimmer.

We recommend the Cord/Cordless 15-Piece Pet Clipper Kit that comes with a clipper with comb attachments, shears and a basic comb for a full grooming.  Once you have done the basic prepping, you can begin clipping the coat to your desired coat length. To start, apply a few drops of lubricating oil on your clipper blade (this will help maintain the quality of the blade and keep it cool while in-use). If you desire a specific coat length, you can choose from the assortment of comb attachments provided. If you are in the middle of clipping and need some extra power, the turbo button will give you that extra kick on any tricky spots.

So you have combed, trimmed and clipped the coat – now what? You can finish up with a quick pawdicure using the Cordless Two-Speed LED Nail Grinder to gradually trim down his/her nails. This nail grinder features a quiet motor that will not easily startle your pet. Before trimming, pick your nail grinder accessory head, speed preference and make sure your pet is comfortable with the tool. If the nail trimming experience seems intimidating, not to worry, this nail grinder features a safety guard cover and LED lights to help keep your pup safe and prevent you from trimming too close to the nail quick.

After these at-home grooming steps (and many treats), your furball is looking his/her best just in the time for the family photos!


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