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Should an Elderly Person Adopt a Dog?

Here are some key things to consider before a senior brings home a companion animal

By: Darcy Matheson

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Illustration by Taryn Gee


  • Living situation: Does the home have a fenced yard? Does the condo strata allow pets?
  • Does the dog have a temperament that matches the seniors’ lifestyle? If there are grandkids, you’ll want a dog that’s good with children.
  • Can the senior walk the dog, or is there someone to help?
  • Are there any physical or mental limitations that would make ownership difficult?
  • Does the dog’s energy level match the senior’s?
  • Can the senior afford veterinary care in case the dog falls ill?
  • Are arrangements made in case the senior is unable to care for the animal?

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By: Darcy Matheson
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