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Send Your Dog a Mental Postcard

How to soothe separation anxiety with positive energy and visualization techniques

By: Cindy Brody

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Our relationships with our dogs run very deep. Our dogs are always watching us and are affected by our moods and fears, more than many of us realize. As an Animal Communicator, I help resolve all kinds of problems, but separation anxiety, particularly surrounding vacations, is one of my favourite subjects to talk about with dogs.

When we leave them to go on vacation or away on business they truly miss us, as we do them, but they don’t need to suffer while we’re away. We can ease the separation by sending them something I call “mental post cards.” Mental postcards are simply a projection of positive energy that we can send to any living being, two legged or four.

Many people tell me that they hide their suitcases until the morning of their trip and then produce them right before they leave. This can be very stressful for your dog. Nobody likes these kinds of surprises; there is no time for transition. You need to prepare your dogs for your departure. I have helped many people with all of their different species of family members to find peace when separate, whether it is simply going to work or taking a much needed vacation.

It is easy. Once you deal with your own separation anxiety it’s easier to deal with your four-legged friend’s anxiety. Anxiety is contagious; if we are worried we pass it right back to our furry families. You can really help your dogs out by telling them a couple weeks before you leave on your trip.

I travel a lot with my business. My suitcase comes out well before I start to pack. When Lilly, my sweet Pit Bull rescue, sees it, she knows that I will be leaving and she gets used to the idea. Every day before I leave, I tell her that I always come home. There are also lots of training techniques you can use to help with separation stress. If your dog has separation anxiety it would be great for him or her to learn basic obedience that will
help your dog to become more self-assured. I would suggest working with a professional to help ease your pet’s suffering. I speak with animals all over the country and it is very gratifying to hear how well the dogs get along without us while we get the vacations we deserve.

Being prepared takes the fear away from traveling. If you will be boarding your dog at a kennel for the first time, ask your friends for referrals then take your dog for a visit. If you get strong feelings that he or she doesn’t like a particular kennel, try a couple more and choose the one that gives you the best vibes.

If the caregivers don’t express special interest in your dog, keep looking. If it is dirty or the dogs look miserable and stressed, keep looking! Making your dog a part of the decision of where he will be staying will make him feel better and more comfortable. Trust your intuition! Everyone is an animal communicator if we slow down and listen. I can’t tell you how many times I hear, “I knew she was going to say that” when I share what a dog has told me.

I have lots of clients whose dogs’ view a stay at a boarding facility like camp. The dogs know where they are going and their guardians have made sure that all their needs are taken care of before they leave. It is your job to make sure your precious dog is not going to Camp Run Amok.

If your dog is a new rescue who would feel more secure at home, I suggest you find someone to stay at your house. The dog walking and home pet sitting business is becoming a big business and can be a great alternative to boarding. If this isn’t a possibility look for a kennel or boarding facility that has a homey feel. There are puppy palaces opening up all over North America and they offer bedrooms, some with televisions. They offer play groups and many levels of care. Make sure you bring a few of your dog’s favourite things that are replaceable. I also recommend a t-shirt that you have worn. It will have your scent and will help to calm your dog. [We like Geraldine the Giraffe Cozy Buddy from Oscar Newman ( You can stuff it with one of your worn t-shirts so it carries your scent !—Ed.]

Once you find the perfect situation for your loved one and you’re ready to get on the plane, train or automobile, you can start sending Mental Postcards. They are easy to send and will keep you connected with your pets. Mental postcards are a projection of your positive thoughts. A postcard can also be in the form of a prayer, a meditation or just a kind thought. Studies performed in hospitals have shown that people who are prayed for heal more quickly and with fewer complications than those who are not. Imagery work is very powerful, and all you need is love.

Here’s how to do it: I usually send Mental Postcards when I wake up in the morning. I often send them after meditation. My mind is able to focus and my connection is sharper after a short meditation. I suggest that you close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, then tune into your dog. Start out by thinking about what he might be doing. Is he outside? Is he eating? What is he thinking? Then, begin thinking about simply sending your love in the form of mental pictures. “Hey Rex I’m going to the beach and I’m having a really great time. I’ll be home in a couple days and I’m really happy.” Happiness is contagious; when we are happy so are our dogs!

For another example, think of some experience that you have shared—it can be a memory of a tender moment with your dog, whether curled up on the couch, hiking up a mountain or playing ball. See her face and surround her with a glowing red heart. I often see a line that connects my heart with my sweet Lilly’s. It is always there keeping us connected, heart to heart.

There is no right or wrong way to do this—just keep playing with images that connect you with your dogs, cats, and horses. We can connect anytime we travel away from them. Lilly gets excited 10 minutes before my husband comes home from work. She senses his imminent arrival regardless of his schedule. If I think about taking her for a walk, every time I go to the door she will run for her leash.

Animals are much more intuitive than we are and they are teaching us how to listen with an open heart. Anyone can send Mental Postcards. Sending positive thoughts to your dog helps to soothe nervousness and fear about whether you’ll return. I have had so much success with this simple technique and I know that you will too!

For a guide to finding the right boarding facility go to:


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By: Cindy Brody
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