Poodle Breaks Guinness World Record

Poodle Breaks Guinness World Record
Talented rescue dog is sure to put a smile on your face


Our dogs are all incredible, talented, and loveable, but they can't all walk up stairs on hind legs, push shopping baskets and break world records. That is, unless you're Sailor the standard Poodle. This wonder-dog recently broke the World Record for Fastest 10 Metres on a Walking Globe by a dog—he completed it in just 33.22 seconds! Check out the above video to see Sailor in action. 

This impressive pup was rescued by Alex Rothaker, an expert dog trainer, when vets deemed Sailor too aggressive. With the right training an aggressive dog became a multi-talented internet sensation, bringing joy to all who see him. 

And he's got company! Rothaker's other dog, Sweet Pea, now holds the Guiness Record for Fastest 100 Metre With a can Balanced on Head by a dog. We can't imagine the hilarity running through that household on hind legs!

Via Hello Magazine

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