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O Canada!

These patriotic pups are celebrating their home and native land this Canada Day.

By: Eleanor Munk

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O Canada! Our home and native land! These patriotic doggies are all decked out in red-and-white maple leaves for Canada Day. We hope that they don't get too scared of fireworks, and that their dog parents have a great time today watching hockey, eating poutine, and celebrating the true north, strong and free! Have a good one, eh? – ERM

PS – get to know Canadian breeds, such as the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, the Labrador Retriever, and the Canadian Inuit dog!


1) Abbey

Like many Canadian pups, Abbey loves going on long hikes in the wild outdoors of the Great White North. She also loves her Canada Day bandana! – Submitted by Cindy T


2) Buddy & Leo

These patriotic black labs proudly show off their maple leaf bandanas on a walk at Frank Lake, Alberta. – Submitted by Jennifer P


3) Kaia

Kaia the husky mix is a rescue dog! We love that she's waving the proud maple leaf of the Canadian flag. – Submitted by Ashley M


4) Maria

Maria sits atop an important Canadian "landmark" for Canada Day. – Submitted by Melanie


5) Odis

Odis' first outing was to a Canada Day celebration! He is pictured here, being adorable. – Submitted by Joyce M


6) Peekoo

Peekoo lives in Canada's capital, and loves cheering on Team Canada during the Olympics! – Submitted by Christina J


7) Winston

Handsome Winston the Great Pyrenees/Bernese Mountain dog cross proudly flies the Canadian flag in his backyard. – Submitted by Debbie M and Ryan P


8) Pebbles

This patriotic stunner is a Blue Merle Cardigan Welsh Corgi cross! Thanks for flying your Canuck colours, Pebbles! – Submitted by Trish


9) Pebbles

Another Canadian Pebbles! This Jack Russell/Chiahuahua mix loves rooting for her team while watching hockey or the Olympics. – Submitted by Zeth


10) Nakita

Nikita the Newfie, a Canadian breed, proudly wearing the red and white colours of both Canada and her Canadian hockey team, the Montreal Habitants (also called Canadiens)! Whew, there was a lot of Canada in that sentence. – Submitted by Shauuna


Want something truly Canadian for your pup? Check out these cute Canadian tags if your pup is feeling patriotic, or this Great White North coat if he's feeling chilly! And if you want to have an awesome Canadian getaway with your doggo for Canada Day, check out the dog-friendly Pan-Pacific Whistler Village hotel!


Last Updated:

By: Eleanor Munk
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