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Tongue Out Tuesday Photos!

    These gorgeous doggys are thrilled to be celebrating #tongueouttuesday! Every Tuesday is filled with happiness for our furry buds.

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These adorable doggys are delighted to be celebrating #tongueouttuesday !                         

1) Bismarck


This cutie is having an awesome day at the beach!

2) Bonita

The name "Bonita" means "beautiful" — a totally fitting name for this little gal!


3) Hazel

This little beaut's tongue isn't all the way out, but we couldn't resist sharing this chocolate lady's pic!


4) Oakley



Wow, this guy sure likes ice cream. We're loving all of the colours in this photo as well!


5) Prince Charming, aka Boo

Though this guy has a name fit for royalty, the adorable nickname "Boo" might fit even better!


6) Tank

Handsome Tank is having a fantastic time playing in the yard!

7) Lucy

Beautiful Lucy showing off her awesome tongue for #tongueouttuesday!


8) Trevor

Trevor's got a truly magnificent tongue!


9) Phileo

Phileo taking some time to pose for the camera.

10) Smith


Smith is totally up for another walk!


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