Nuts for Peanuts?

Nuts for Peanuts?
Celebrate Peanuts' 60th anniversary with this look-a-like contest!


If you resemble a Peanuts character, now is the time to stop cursing your misfortune (How you've resented that lone Charlie Brown ringlet on your forehead) and revel in the good (read: famous) company you're keeping.

It's been 60 years since the world was introduced to—and promptly fell in love with—Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, and the rest of the beloved Peanuts gang. In celebration of this milestone anniversary, a Peanuts character look-a-like photo contest is underway. If you're in the States, you can vote for your favourite entries-- adorably messy children, tots clutching security blankets, even grown-ups sporting Linus stripes, Marcie glasses, Peppermint Patty freckles or, in a awesomely questionable attempt at Snoopy, a full piece dog-suit (we're voting for that one!).

And regardless of location, everyone can enjoy the match ups of celebs and their comic-strip counterparts. Particularly amusing celebrity lookalikes are Tina Fey as Marcie, Usher as Franklin, and an extremely well-called match up of Michael Cera and Linus. Guess who Whoopi Goldberg is!

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