Must-Watch Series: Vets Save Lives in Dramatic New Vets Without Borders Webseries

Must-Watch Series: Vets Save Lives in Dramatic New Vets Without Borders Webseries
Visiting vets in rural Guatemala save dogs despite difficult circumstances


Their clinics are dusty spaces with limited electricity and no running water. Their operating tables are wooden desks covered in garbage bags. Most of their clients have never seen a vet before.

Despite the odds, Veterinarians Without Borders (VWB) rely on boundless ingenuity to save lives and reduce animal suffering in the new webseries Vets Without Borders. The show follows a team of VWB volunteer vets and vet techs to Todos Santos, Guatemala, a small mountain village where rabid dogs have attacked people, transmitting the deadly disease. The vets are there to spay/neuter and vaccinate the dog population, but in a community with no other vet care there are many more crises to overcome. From aiding a Rottweiler found dying in the street to a cardiac arrest during a spay surgery, the vets’ skills are pushed to the max in an environment where they have only the bare essentials. Vets Without Borders' premier is part of VWB’s annual fundraising campaign to Make Rabies History. Watch three simultaneously uplifting and heartbreaking episodes:

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