Miracle Puppy Born With Six Legs

Miracle Puppy Born With Six Legs
Six-legged puppy deemed a "miracle" by veterinary hospital


Say hello to Skipper! The Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix was born in a litter of nine on February 16th. What makes her stand out from the rest of the crowd is one particularly noticeable trait: she has six legs!

Despite this, the circumstances of Skipper’s birth were completely normal, outside of happening during a massive snowstorm in Oklahoma.

Skipper has two congenital disorders that caused her to develop two pelvic and reproductive regions, and two tails, along with her six legs.  According to a Facebook post by Neel Veterinary Hospital, it’s suspected that she was part of a pair of twins that did not fully separate in utero.

Despite these challenges, Skipper appears to be healthy and developing normally. Dr. Tina Neel of Neel Veterinary Hospital said "She is a strong girl! She loves to nurse and is able to scoot around just like a regular puppy," reports CNN, According to veterinarians, she is the first of her kind to survive, with many dubbing her “a miracle.”

Still, Skipper will have challenges as she grows. She suffers from spina bifida, and may require physical therapy and help with mobility in the future. It’s possible that her life expectancy will be reduced.

Besides taking the internet by storm, Skipper has caught the eye of Milk-Bone who has supplied her with a lifetime’s supply of treats, and who is helping to cover her veterinary costs, noted in an update on Facebook February 24th.

More recently, Skipper has opened both eyes and is being fitted for a back brace according to News 9. She is scooting around and winning hearts daily. You can follow along with Skipper’s Journey here!



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