Messy Fall Walks and How to Handle the Clean-Up

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Messy Fall Walks and How to Handle the Clean-Up
Tips to make the fall clean-up process smoother.


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Fall is approaching - and with that comes the ever-changing color foliage scattered on the ground, the fresh, sharp air, and the muddy walks. Fall might be the perfect walking weather, but it means a bigger clean-up job for the pet parents - we’ve come up with some tips to make the clean-up process a little smoother.

Picture this: You’ve taken your dog on a walk and let him run around to his heart’s content, but now you have to deal with the mess he’s brought home with him. If your pet is covered in mud, the first thing you should do is take some dog wipes and gently clean each paw – you don’t want little mud prints decorating your floors!

Leaves might be your next problem – leaves tend to get tangled up in your dog’s coat and require a quick brushing. We recommend using a PET-IT® brush or comb to remove the leaves and other small debris from your dog’s coat, being careful not to tug too hard on stubborn areas.

If your dog is still muddy after using wipes and removing all the leaves, feel free to give him a quick bath. An indoor/outdoor pet washer comes in handy because it allows you to quickly bathe your pet inside or outside. While bathing, be sure to use lukewarm water and avoid his eyes and ears (you can put cotton balls in his ears as a precaution). Once you’ve shampooed and rinsed, you can start by towel-drying and then move to a blow dryer to finish (making sure that your pet is completely dry, especially as the weather starts to get cooler).

Once your pet is squeaky clean you can finish up with a final grooming – a grooming glove will work well to brush, fluff, and remove any excess loose hair from your pet’s coat. It mimics a natural petting motion and can feel more like a massage than a grooming!

If you’re lucky, you can hopefully pick and choose how much clean-up is needed. We hope that with the help of these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy your fall walks with your pet and not completely dread the clean-up process!

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