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Meet the Mudi

The American Kennel Club adds a new breed! The Mudi, a Hungarian herding dog, is alert, agile, intelligent, and up for anything!

By: Camille Lemos

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An athletic Hungarian farm dog has joined the American Kennel Club’s recognized purebred lineup. Of herding lineage, the Mudi (pronounced “moody”) is descended from Hungarian sheepdogs, hence its versatile and hardworking nature. Shaggy and medium-sized, this dog can herd sheep and excels in canine sports like agility. Fanciers agree they are very trainable but need things to do.

“I love my breed and all the challenges that come with having a smart dog,” says Susanne Bergesen, the Mudi Club of America Corresponding Secretary. “Some people say they are stubborn, but I find they think they know how things should be done and are more manipulative.”

Mudi owner Patti Garcia agrees. “The Mudi is a fun, eager, energetic dog that loves their family. At home, the Mudi really show off their unique personalities. Mine are quick to show that they like or dislike something. Like riding in the car—my dog thinks he should always be a front seat dog, so if I open the front door, he is in the car in a second. If I open the back, he knows he is riding in the crate, and I have to bribe him with a treat—he makes it very clear what he wants.”

Bergesen describes the dogs—Mudik is the proper plural—as “very loving and devoted to their people and families,” protective, and “sensibly suspicious” of anyone outside their inner circle. Barking can also be a thing—bred to be the sentry for the farm and herd, they will bark if danger is perceived. She cautions that the Mudi isn’t for everyone: “Honestly, in my opinion, this is not a good breed for a first-time dog owner. Mudis need a leader.” But if you’re up for it, the rewards are many.

Mudi Puppy running full of energy

For the active owner wanting an enthusiastic partner in just about any endeavour there may be no better match. This breed excels in agility, obedience, rally, fly ball, Frisbee, dock diving, Barn Hunt, and more. You can teach them to pull a cart, weight pull, and even climb ladders. From tracking and bite work to hiking and skijoring, this breed “does all the things,” says Bergesen.

“If you can think it, this breed can do it!” she enthuses. “Mudis are truly an all-around dog. The more you can teach them, the happier they are. It’s like having an extra absorbent sponge that wants to soak up all the information they can.”

Mudi owner and enthusiast Patti Garcia gives us the low down on the breed

What are they like to live with? 

“Most describe the Mudi as very noisy, and they do bark a lot, but no more than many other breeds. Just be firm with teaching them “quiet” and your neighbours will not hate you.”

 Who is this breed a good fit for?

“Mudi are a great fit for active people who enjoy taking their dogs with them or for those that enjoy dog sports.”

 What activities do they enjoy?

“If you like to do it, chances are your dog will like it too! My dog enjoys everything! He has 90 titles in 13 different sports. Mudi are very quick and agile, so they do very well in agility or any sport that involves running. Running, barking, and jumping are their favourite things in life.”

Gets along with other dogs, cats, and stock.

Easy-care coat that doesn’t shed much.

Likes to dig.

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By: Camille Lemos
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