Meet the Havanese

Havanese dog breed sitting on grass
Meet the Havanese
This funny, lovey-dovey dog is great with children


Intelligent, outgoing, and funny, this beloved member of the Toy group is an adored family member for good reason—the Havanese is incredibly charming and great with both kids and other dogs.

This extroverted small dog, known for its trademark silky coat and big brown eyes, is actually native to Cuba. Expect a social, playful, comic companion that will win the hearts of all he meets. Though small, the Havanese is sturdy—and smart. They excel at learning tricks and make surprisingly good watchdogs to boot!

Did You Know?

The Havanese originated in Cuba and was once called the Havana Silk Dog.

They make excellent trick dogs.

Havanese have moderate exercise needs and make great city dwellers, though they will thrive anywhere, provided they are with their people.

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