Meet Adventure Squad!

Adventure Squad
Meet Adventure Squad!
How one man and his rescue dogs are taking road trips to the next level


In December 2016, Jordan Kahana was cruising down the highway in Arizona on the way to the Grand Canyon when he was forced to drive off the road by two black dots. Those black dots ended up being two 8 month old puppies! Jordan took the adorable “hitchhikers” in and Adventure Squad was born!


The pups, whom he named Sedona and Zeus, instantly took to the adventure life and in 2017, Jordan decided to quit his job to travel full time with the dogs. To date, the trio has travelled together to 35 states and 12 National Parks and have visited a range of tourist hot spots such as Times Square and Yellowstone National Park (all captured in amazing images and video). They are also currently on an exciting cross country trip which as always is being documented in its entirety on their social platforms!


Whilst Jordan has to make some adjustments when travelling with the dogs such as early mornings, some limitations based on where is dog friendly and having to switch out international travel for road trips across North America, the high from new experiences and being able to travel with his awesome furry companions makes it totally worth it!


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We will also be hosting a Q&A on our Instagram page with Jordan next month so if you haven't already, head over to Modern Dog's page and hit the follow button to make sure you don't miss out!

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