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Luck O’ the Irish Dogs

These pups are all decked out in green for the luckiest, most Irish day of the year!

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We love St. Patrick's Day, and our dogs love joining in on the festivities! 

To stay in the Irish spirit, check out this awesome article to learn more about Irish dog breeds! – ERM


1)  Sigmund

Sigmund the Maltese Papillon Terrier mix is feeling lucky with his shamrock bandana! – Submitted by Toni


2) Wilson

Wilson the English Bulldog's had a bit too much to drink today! (Note: this is in jest, guys! In case you didn't know, don't actually feed your dogs alcohol!) – Submitted by Kelly


3) Cooper and Elphie

These two little leprechauns are better than a pot of gold! – Submitted by Lauren


4) Katy

Katy the West Highland White Terrier is going to march in the St Patrick's Day parade! – Submitted by Pat


5) Loki and Mila

This adorable little shamrocks are stoked for a day of Irish festivities! – Submitted by Lauri E


6) Sandy

Sandy here was born on St. Patrick's Day, so she's an especially lucky girl! – Submitted by Amico


7) Tank

Tank keeps the luck of the Irish with him every day! He wears a shamrock collar in remembrance of a day where he was hit by a truck, but survived. – Submitted by Danielle


8) Kona

Kona here is a fox red labrador — but today she's all about green! – Submitted by Shannon H

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