Look What We Found!—Spring 2017

Look What We Found!—Spring 2017
Nifty finds for dogs & the people who love them


{Editor’s Choice}
How cool is this wireless doorbell designed for dogs ($29)? It’s a snap to install and fun to train your dog to use (goodbye door scratching!). Plus, think of how impressed your guests will be! Check out the video of it in use on pebblesmart.com.

Keep your dog busy and mentally engaged with the Buster DogMaze (From $15)! Place treats or kibble in the deep curved tracks and watch your dog use his nose, tongue, and paws to unearth the snacks! Available in two sizes for dogs big and little.

We’ve found the perfect solution for dogs that overheat! Suitical's Dry Cooling vest (From $109) protects your dog from overheating. Just fill the vest with water and it will immediately start cooling and stay cool for up to three days without getting damp or wet.

Get your fetch on with the GoDogGo Automatic Ball Launcher (From $140)! Designed for various forms of independent play or owner-controlled play via a handy remote, this ball-throwing machine is a must for fetch-obsessed dogs!

Cozy, warm, and ultra lightweight, Louie de Coton’s Honey Comb thermal fleece jacket (From $49) traps body heat when temperatures plunge and dries quickly.Handcrafted in Seattle, the stretchy fit hugs your dog for a calming effect.

Handcrafted in Atlanta by a master tailor, and made from recycled and repurposed materials, Mister Migs Dog Gear for Good ($85) is high fashion for your small dog! Plus, every purchase helps young adults with barriers to employment prepare for the world of work. Pictured is “Chia,” part of their new Ragmuffin collection.

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