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Nifty Finds for Dogs & the People Who Love Them

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Improve your morning. A  custom coffee mug featuring  your dog’s likeness is sure to put a smile on your face! Just send in your favourite photo of your pup and Tote Tails’ talented artists will create a one-of-a-kind illustration of your dog that will be featured on your new coffee mug. Makes a great gift, too! From $40,

A resistant, dirty dog, water and suds everywhere: there’s a reason bath time is dreaded. The Pet Wand Pro from Waterpik is here to save the day—and your shirt. With its flexible 8-foot hose and easily adjustable pressure to quickly rinse away shampoo, bath time is a breeze. And there’s an adapter for garden hoses! $50,

Wear your breed with these simple and sophisticated leather wrap charm bracelets from Anything Dogs. Choose from an array of leather bracelet colours featuring the sterling silver charm of your chosen breed—anything from Akita to Vizsla, and many more. If you have a multi-breed family, add a charm for each pup! From $145,

Couch, carpet, cushions, curtains—ever feel like your whole house is wearing your dog? Be Forever Furless with this innovative tool from Lilly Brush that gently removes pet hair and lint from any surface in your home with one quick swipe. No need to worry about pesky refills; just rinse and tap and you’re good to go again! $20,

Whisk away loose hair and dirt while giving your dog a nice, gentle massage! The BrushBuster is a colourful silicone brush with small, raised “tri-nibs” that work on dry or wet fur and can even be used to collect hair from furniture and car interiors. Double duty–sign us up! $10,

Sometimes the prospect of walkies is JUST. TOO. EXCITING! If you have trouble getting the leash on your bouncy and over-excited pup, the incredibly easy to use ThunderSnap leash system is for you. Using powerful magnets and a steel ball-bearing latch mechanism, the leash quickly connects to the cap clipped to your dog's collar. The magnet can withstand up to an incredible 500 pounds of pulling!  $30,

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