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Good Dog Gut Health: There’s More To Your Dog’s Poop Than Meets The Eye

These four ingredients are the secret to perfect poop

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You know those awkward doctor appointments you have where your doctor asks you about your poop’s quality? It’s because your poop can tell a lot about your immune system and overall health. The same goes for your dog’s poop! The more perfect the poop, the better your dog’s health.

Research shows that the secret to healthy bodies and immune systems are good guts. We humans spend a lot of time and effort making sure what goes into our body does our body good. We make sure that we take pre and probiotics, as well as fiber supplements and enzymes to ensure the bacteria in our gut can do all the amazing things they’re supposed to do to keep our bodies healthy and happy.

It’s no different for our dogs. Well, actually, it is, because odds are we don’t put quite as much effort into ensuring the guts of our dogs. Sure, we pay attention to what’s in their food, and we look for the best ingredients we can find. However, when it comes to the best gut health for our dogs, there’s more to a good gut than just good food.

Good Dog Gut Health: It’s All About What Goes In To Improve What Comes Out

There’s a lot our dog’s poop tells us in its color, consistency and frequency. Our dog’s poop can tell us how they’re hydrating and absorbing nutrients, as well as what the quality of their gut is like.

And gut quality matters.

A study done by Nestle Purina PetCare Company found that the microbiome of a dog is surprisingly similar to that of their human best friends, which is pretty pawesome, but it also means that just like with us—what we put into our dogs’ bodies directly affects the quality of their gut flora.

Even choosing higher-priced, holistic dog foods with incredible ingredients doesn’t mean we’re giving the best of nutrition. Most dog foods are manufactured to sit on shelves until you buy them. They don’t take your dog’s gut fully into account, and you’re probably wasting money on great nutrition that your dog’s gut simply isn’t digesting well.

Better Dog Gut Health To The Rescue!

Just as in humans, our dogs’ digestive systems digest foods, absorb minerals, nutrients and vitamins and weed out all the toxins and harmful bacteria that make us sick.

But finding the right supplements that ensure the best dog gut health is a quest. We found answers in Bernie’s Perfect Poop. Bernie’s Perfect Poop started out with one family wanting to take care of their lovable Bernese Mountain Dog’s gut as they did for their own family. Wanting better gut flora, Bernie’s Perfect Poop creators Jim and Christie Finnigan looked into how to make their guts healthier with good fibre, prebiotics, probiotics, and enzymes.

But, they found that combining good fibre, prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes for their dog was exhausting, and buying all of those supplements separately was expensive. They then decided that they needed to create a product that incorporated all the necessary elements for good gut health into one easy-to-offer package, and that’s how Bernie’s Perfect Poop was born.

Why Is Bernie’s Perfect Poop So Perfect For Good Dog Gut Health?

We love our dogs. We do everything we can for them. We think that high-quality food is all we need to do for their health, but an unhealthy gut can undermine even the best food’s nutritional content.

That’s why it’s essential to ensure you’ve got good fibre, prebiotics, probiotics, and enzymes as part of your dog’s nutrition.

Fibre is the first and most important step of good gut health. Good fibre, that is…not fibre that includes cellulose or other byproducts to add to the fibre content.  Bernie’s Perfect Poop Miscanthus grass fibre as its primary ingredient. Miscanthus is an all-natural perennial grass that is responsibly farmed and sourced from local farmers in the Midwest. It’s grain-free, gluten-free, non-GMO and sustainable and shows excellent health results in studies. Bernie’s combines that with the superfood pumpkin and flax seeds to create a clean fibre blend that is the perfect clean solution for your dog.

Of course, probiotics are a key ingredient, but did you know that prebiotics are also pivotal? Together, they’re what line the GI tracts of our dogs, and helps keep them healthy. Bernie’s Perfect Poop also uses spore-forming probiotic strains that won’t die on the shelf, while shipped to your home or in your dog’s acidic stomach (before even getting to the gut). These beneficial probiotics feed on prebiotics and are imperative to balancing your dog’s gut. It’s like a little circle of good dog gut health life in every bag!

The inclusion of enzymes in Bernie’s Perfect Poop is the final piece your dog needs for better nutrition and absorption. The enzymes naturally help food break down better and makes the food more available for natural absorption. You pay top dollar for nutritious dog food; enzymes are the final supplement that ensures the perfect gut (and perfect poop) for your pup. Enzymes also help reduce scaly or dry coats and hair, allergies, joint issues and obesity. If food is fuel, consider enzymes as a boost.

Perfect Poop Looks Like Better Overall Health

Good gut health means better health overall for your dog. Good dog gut health also means your dog is less susceptible to disease and infection as well as general health issues like bloat, bad breath, stinky gas, constipation, diarrhea, ear infections, allergies, wound healing, sleep regulation and more.

Good health doesn’t come from our dog’s food alone. Bernie’s Perfect Poop combines the best natural fibres, prebiotics, probiotics, and enzymes to give your dog the best and easiest gut health all-in-one supplement.


You can find Bernie’s on their website or at popular retailers like and

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