Katherine Heigl's 5000 Adoption Challenge

Katherine Heigl's 5000 Adoption Challenge
Getting 5,000 animals adopted in one month? Katherine Heigl is up to the task.


The actress and animal advocate is a dedicated proponent of animal welfare. Along with her mom, Nancy, she founded the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, in memory of her late brother and is a powerful voice for animals, spearheading and financing rescue efforts, such as relocation flights for death row shelter animals in overburdened city shelters.

Her latest initiative is no exception. "Super proud and excited to announce the Fall 5000 program," she Tweeted on Friday, sharing news about a new pet adoption initiative led by the Los Angeles Animal Alliance "Hoping to get at least 5000 animals adopted this month from LA city and county shelters! Encourage people to go to their local shelters and adopt!"

The campaign, which see five counties and 20 shelters join forces, began November 4 with a press conference at the East Valley Animal Shelter in Van Nuys, California, where Heigl and her mom, Nancy, also announced they would be funding no-cost adoptions for veterans looking to take in a shelter animal through the Pets to Patriots program.

"It is a small token of our appreciation to the legion of heroes who have given so much," said Heigl, whose late uncle Frederick John Debus was a Navy veteran and animal lover.

Heigl is herself mom to six dogs, three of which are rescues. With this newest rescue challenge, could a seventh addition be on the way?

Help in the race to place 5000 orphaned pets in a home of their own. Find your own new best pal here.

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