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Is Your Pup Fit Enough For The Olympics?

Get her ready with these podium perfect picks!

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Got a star athlete at home? Of course you do! They just need the right tools to get them motivated, fuelled, hydrated, and replenished after a long day of training. With these medal-worthy products your dog is all set to go for Gold!


If your little all-star is running low on time and energy grab a PowerBark bar, loaded with added vitamins and minerals to keep Fido going when on-the-go!


Gold medalists don’t reach the top without a proper meal! The delectable dry dog food from The Honest Kitchen is big on protein, low on calories—win-win!


Pre-game calories are important, but hydration is the key to success! Keep thirst at bay with this handy-dandy H-DuO water bottle from Dexas.



Whether training to slam dunks, score a hat trick, or give Usain Bolt a run for his money, the Jolly Pets Push-n-Play ball will get your pup ready for the action!

jolly pets



After working this hard your dog is going to deserve a treat, but no one said that treat couldn’t also be nutritious! Freeze dried veggies and coconut oil make these Cocotherapy treats a top shelf choice.




After a long day of training or a tough race your dog needs a good cool down. The Hurtta Cooling Vest provides a well deserved cool treat, and will help get your pup back to her normal resting temperature.


A long athletic life can take a toll. Ensure your little Olympian attends many more by keeping her joints healthy with Cetyl M Joint Formula from Response.

cetyl m

To ease sport related stiffness and pain dress your precious athlete in a Sportz-Vibe Jacket. This recovery jacket helps boost circulation so Fido is always ready to compete!

horseware ireland

Above all else your dog needs a good sleep. This lush and cozy therapeutic bed from Buddyrest will induce the kind of sleep that dreams are made of—er, during.



Armed with these all-star products, your pup will be topping the podium in no time!

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