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Adorable DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas for Dogs

Inspired make-at-home Halloween dog costume ideas for a tail-wagging Howl-o-Ween

By: Eva Erhardt

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As Halloween creeps closer, it’s time to start thinking about a costume–not just for you, but for your pup as well! So grab your glue guns, raid your craft stash, and start preparing for some doggone great costumes with these inspired suggestions for DIY Halloween costumes for dogs. Some are more photo opp than wear-all-day outfit—always remember your dog’s comfort is first and foremost! Read on for 9 fun and easy DIY Halloween costumes for dogs you can whip up with just a few basic supplies!

#1. Flower Phantom Dog Halloween Costume

Who says ghosts have to be scary? Make a pretty alternative to this Halloween staple by taking a patterned sheet (or pillowcase for small pups), and cutting enough holes for eyes, snout, and ears. Charlie (@pardonmy2frenchies) demonstrates how adorable a not-so-spooky ghost costume can be.

#2. Ty Teddybear Dog Halloween Costume

Find yourself missing the Beanie Babies from your childhood? Try turning your pup into this beloved toy! This costume has been wildly popular on social media the last few years, and for good reason too. It’s cheap and easy—all you need is cardstock! Print a template from online, or get creative and create your own. Either way, the effect is cute as a button, as Radley (@hayleyhanford) demonstrates.

#3. Wednesday’s Child: Wednesay Addams Dog Halloween Costume

Channel your pup’s inner Wednesday Addams with this easy costume. Biala (@biala_bean), who sometimes goes by “Biala Addams” on her Instagram, models this haunting look, which is comprised of homemade yarn braids and a collared white dog shirt layered with a black tee.

#4. Chewbarka: Chewbacca Dog Halloween Costume

Galaxies collide with this Star Wars-inspired costume. Although this one may work better if you have a dog that already looks like he’s half Wookie (see Oski @oskidoodle), all you need for this costume is a homemade sash made from burlap and foam.

#5. Hershey’s Kiss Dog Halloween Costume

Give me a Kiss! This is another costume that needs minimal supplies for a super sweet end result. Stitch the Frenchie (@the.frenchie.stitch) models this look, which only needs paper, tinfoil and some blue lettering.

#6. Daring Dog: Evel Knievel Dog Halloween Costume

Ammo the Dachshund (@ammothedachshund) pays tribute to great stuntman Evel Knievel via a costume complete with a helmet, cape, and matching collar. His owner utilized fabric, hot glue, and puffy paint, modifying a foam ball for the patriotic helmet.

#7. Reddi, Wip, Go! Reddi Whip Dog Halloween Costume

Maltese-Pomeranian mix Sparky (@sparkythemaltipom) went from dog to dessert with some help from his crafty owner. To turn your dog into everyone’s favourite whipped cream, repurpose an old shoe box with some red paint and a printed out logo.

#8. Chia Pup: Chia Pet Dog Halloween Costume

Ch-ch-ch-chia—it’s the puppy that grows! This DIY costume was created for Cricket the hairless Chihuahua (@cricketthegremlin) using fake plants made for fish tanks. Each piece was attached to an existing outfit, making for a comfy and cute Halloween costume.

#9. The Mummy Dog Halloween Costume

That’s a wrap! Closing this list out with a classic, all you need for this easy-peasy Halloween mummy costume is something you can already find in your home—more specifically your bathroom. Charlie the Cavoodle (@charlies.pawventures) is simply wrapped up in toilet paper for an inexpensive costume with a spooky effect.


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By: Eva Erhardt
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