Planet Dog


Challenge your dog to figure out this treat dispensing toy from Planet Dog! The Orbee-Tuff Mazee provides a mental workout that will keep him sharp, and the treat at the end rewards his dogged efforts!



The Aikiou Feeder helps slow down dogs who can’t help but bolt their food. Several compartments with different access points make the challenge unique, and your dog will be encouraged to use his nose and paws to find his food. A great choice for overweight pups!



Keep your dog busy, engaged, and interested with the Wigzi Treat Toy. It bounces high and features two pockets that can be stuffed with different tempting treats. Available in glow-inthe- dark material!



The Kong Genius Mike is named for Michaelangelo, and your pup will get to experience a creative renaissance of her own when she puzzles out how to get the treats out of this toy. This toy is part of a connectable set, which means there are ways to build even more obstacles for your super smart canine.

JW Pet


The Grass Ball, part of JW Pet’s great line of interactive treat toys, offers chewing surfaces that promote dental health, openings for treats, and doublemolded rubber that will stand up to the toughest jaws. A great combination toy with endless possibilities!



The unique design of the Northmate Green Slow Feeder works by restricting access to food that is sprinkled throughout the “grass”, requiring your dog to work for his dinner. A handy tool in the fight to prevent gulping and bloating!

The Mammoth


The Mammoth Dogsavers Treat Ball will provide your inquisitive hound with hours of fun. Its heavy duty, super-durable construction is fun to chomp on and allows it to float in water. It even comes with a secret compartment to hide treats in to reward your curious pooch.