How Do We Love Our Dogs? Let Us Count the Ways…

How Do We Love Our Dogs? Let Us Count the Ways…


A recent survey of 1,000 U.S.-based respondents, conducted by Angi, reveals just how much influence our pets have:

73% of pet owners would rather stay at home with their pets than go out with their friends.

63% share food with their pets when cooking.

50% would break up with their romantic partner if they were not accepting of how their pet was treated in the household.

85% allow their pet on the couch. The majority (57.5%) use a cover or protector for their couch to keep it clean from all the dirt their pets would drag in.

78% allow their pets to sleep in their bed.

88% of respondents considered their pets’ happiness when looking for a home or apartment, with the most important happiness factors being:

  • The size of the yard
  • Having a fenced yard
  • Living near pet-friendly neighbours 


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