Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!
Celebrate Father's Day with These Super Cute Dogs


1) Odie

Odie models the classic Father's Day gift choice: the dad tie! - Odie submitted by Adrienne and Kyle


2) Levi

Levi enjoys a nice day on the deck with his dad! - Levi submitted by Sandy S


3) Rocky

Who else has a dad that looks like this at the end of a long work day? - Rocky submitted by Pauline


4) Belle

Belle the Boxer spends a lovely day with her dad! - Belle submitted by Larry and Sheila R


5) Lenny

Your dad's face when you're about to ask him to lend you some money. - Lenny submitted by Jess and Nick


6) Taz

Taz hits the water with his dad! - Submitted by Niki


7) Tickles

Tickles the Bichon Frise spends some quality time with his dad! - Submitted by Roger G


8) Jenny

Looks like Jenny is learning how to drive from her dad! - Submitted by Sloane S


9) Leo and Toby

Wearing a tie in honour of Father's Day! - Submitted by Steven


10) Diesel

"Hey Dad!"

"I'm working."

"Can we go play outside?"

"Ask your mother!" - Diesel submitted by Melody R

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