Grooming Tips and Essentials to Get That Summer Do’

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Grooming Tips and Essentials to Get That Summer Do’
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Summer is here, and with that comes beautiful weather and heat! It’s the perfect time to step up your at-home grooming game and keep your furry friends trimmed and polished. The key to an easy home grooming session is making sure that you have the right tools and know just how to use them. We’ve teamed up with Conair to walk you through the grooming essentials from their BaBylissPRO PET line to give you professional results right at home.

To start, make sure that your pet’s coat is thoroughly cleansed and free of any mats or tangles. The Flex Slicker will work well for this – its flexible head will contour to the body of your pet to gently eliminate any tangles and mats from the most sensitive of areas. If you reach a mat, gently brush through it until it is gone and then move on to the rest of the coat.

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Once his coat is tangle-free, you’re ready to move on to clipping the coat. During the summer time, the warmer weather usually calls for a shorter coat length. The Two-Speed Brushless Motor Clipper will give you greater power while clipping and you can select your speed preference. Before clipping, make sure to place a few drops of lubricating oil on the blade teeth to keep the blade cooler while in-use. Feel free to select a comb attachment for a more specific coat length. After you’ve finished the clipping process, use the Half-Moon Comb to fluff up his shorter coat for a fuller look.

To polish off the look, trim his nails with the LED Nail Clipper. Pet parents – if you’re nervous to clip your dog’s nails, the LED light will help to illuminate the nail quick (the dark, tender portion of the nail) while the built-in safety guard will help to prevent you from cutting too much off the nail. If your pet is new to the nail clipping process, let them smell and get familiar with the clipper before using it on the actual nail.

Most importantly - enjoy the bonding experience of grooming at home with your newly well-groomed furry friend.

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