10 Socialization & Training Games

10 Socialization & Training Games you Should Play with your Puppy

Category: Dog Training
Puppies are sponges. They absorb many life lessons during the critical socialization period that lasts until about 20 weeks old. During this important period, puppies are making opinions they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. As a puppy parent, it’s up to you to make sure they’re learning the right lessons to ensure they grow up to be confident, social, friendly companions. This doesn’t have to be drudgework! Here are 10 games to play with your puppy that will help set him on the right path for life.   more
DIY Craft: Rescue Proud

DIY Craft: Rescue Proud

Category: Dog Life
Did you rescue your dog—or did she rescue you? Show your rescue pride with a DIY t-shirt for you and matching bandana for your pup! We’ve created some adorable dog-friendly templates—just download and iron onto a bandana or t-shirt for a super cute (and super easy!) pet project. What You'll Need: more
5 Reasons Why Senior Dogs Make Great Pets

5 Reasons Why Senior Dogs Make Great Pets

Category: Dog Life
1) You don't need to suffer through housetraining. For those who have forgotten, puppies are a lot of work. Most senior dogs (dogs are generally considered seniors once they’re over seven years old) aren’t strays; they have been members of someone’s family and, as such, are housetrained and know basic commands. You have an instant friend minus months of training, one who already knows how to walk on lead and won’t chew your shoes. more

Meet Sparkles, Social Media Influencer

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Sparkles is an eight pound seven-year-old Shih Tzu with a passion for fashion, fun, friends, and giving back. Sparkles’ “momager,” Diane Murray, says that her dog not only brightens her every day, but brings daily smiles to her fans as well. “I had no idea that dressing up my precious diva would change our lives,” she says. “What we do is so much bigger than taking pictures.” more

12 Ways To Make Your Dog Smarter & Happier

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Worried your dog may be bored or not learning enough? Follow these tips to boost their mood and keep them engaged. Photo Life on White/ more


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