A Tired Dog is a Good Dog

Category: Dog Life
Issues with obesity, destructive behaviour, separation anxiety, excessive barking, attention-seeking, leash pulling, and many other undesirable behaviours often have the same root cause: your dog just isn’t getting enough exercise. more
Pet Costumes

Pet Costumes

Category: Dog Life
If you’re like many pet owners, finding the perfect Halloween costume for your pet is almost more exciting than finding your own. Seeing your dachshund dressed as a hot dog or your kitten prancing around in a super-man cape can add even more fun to the holiday. Just keep in mind that while a costume can be cute and funny to you, your pet may not agree. more

The Fun and Easy Way to Exercise Super-Energetic Dogs

Category: Dog Life
Do you have a can't-stop, won't-stop kind of canine? Some dogs only need a short, leisurely walk before they're pooped, while others seem to be powered by Everlast batteries! If your high-energy dog would like to be in a state of constant motion and you're running out of ways to tire him out, give biking together a try. more
Destination Mexico

Destination Mexico

Category: Travel
Incantations: Private plunge pool, mezcal, moon shower… if these words conjure delight, start looking into Yucatan-bound flights (closest airports: Cancun or Cozumel) that allow small dogs to travel in-cabin, because do we have a destination for you… Destination: The Viceroy Riviera Maya, Mexico more

Blind Dog Knows Where To Go Thanks To His Best Friend

Category: Inspire
You’re no doubt familiar with guide dogs for visually impaired people, but have you ever met a guide dog for a visually impaired dog? Well you’re about to! Meet Zen and Hoshi, a fluffy duo who are totally inseparable—and impossibly cute. more


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