Adorable Wedding Ideas

Adorable Wedding Ideas

Category: Inspire
PHOTO ABOVE: KELLEY HYNDS   1. Let them pop the question   2. Include them in your Save the Date more

Explain the Buzzword

Category: Health
If you’ve ever wondered what probiotics are and why gut health is increasingly thought to be important for overall health, you’re not alone. The buzzword “probiotics” is thrown around a lot lately, with TV commercials and dairy-aisle packaging routinely touting their benefits. But what exactly are probiotics, and what do they have to do with health and wellness? What are probiotics? more

Your Dog Is Talking—Are You Listening?

Category: Dog Training
It was my first time meeting a new client and her puppy. Her older dog was trying to get my attention but the puppy kept intervening. “Puppy getting on the other dog’s nerves, right?” I asked. “Not so much. He’s amazingly tolerant of her,” she replied. “Well, he’s about had enough,” I said. Just then, the older dog snapped. The puppy yipped and scrambled away. “How did you know he was going to do that?” my client asked, surprised. “Do you talk Dog or something?” more
How to Use Touch Therapy to Heal Your Dog

How to Use Touch Therapy to Heal Your Dog

Category: Health
Energy work is easy and it can change your life. This may seem like an “out there” statement to some but if you think of how your mood, i.e. the energy you’re emitting, affects your day and those around you, you’ll recognize the truth of this statement. Having a bad day, a storm cloud over your head? Chances are you’ll experience upset after upset: someone cuts you off, you stub your toe, spill your coffee, have heated words with a co-worker, step in dog poo. Why? The energy you’re giving off is simply creating more of the same for you. more

Hello, It’s Your Dog

Category: Dog Life
Are you ready to receive phone calls from your dog? A scientist at the University of Glasgow has developed DogPhone, a toy that allows dogs to video call their owners simply by shaking a ball. more


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