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DIY Craft – Trick or Treat!

Four fun, fast, and funny hallowe’en costumes for your dog

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Get out your glue guns: We’ve got some fun and ridiculously easy-to-make costumes using both new and recycled thrift store items that anyone, even those of us with zero craft skills, can make in just a few minutes. and the best part? all of these ideas cost $10 or less to put together. Every item below can be found at savers, a us retail thrift chain.

Combine a ready-made grass skirt and second-hand faux flowers from the used home-décor section. Choose a grass skirt in a child’s size large if you have a golden Retriever-sized dog. If your dog is small, choose the smallest size and cut both the waist band and the grass fronds down to size. Cut the fake flowers off their stems and use super glue or a hot glue-gun to glue them to a string or shoelace. Total cost: $10


This cowboy costume combines a used woman’s scarf (a handkerchief could also be easily substituted) worn as a bandana with a novelty children’s cowboy hat. the hat stays put by being clipped to the back of your dog’s collar. try jazzing it up with a novelty gun in holster or a handmade made sheriff’s badge fastened to his collar. Total cost (minus gun): $5


This costume takes new devil horns and combines them with a cape fashioned from a used bolt of red fabric. a towel or an old bed sheet will also work. Cut the fabric to size and fasten around your dog’s neck. Total cost: $10


Furry Baby

Nobody puts baby in the corner. Combine a used baby bib and bonnet with a new novelty pacifier worn around your dog’s neck. If your dog is tiny, check out the second-hand doll clothes for a doll’s bonnet and bib. use a ribbon to attach the pacifier to your dog’s collar or hang it around her neck. Total cost: $7





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