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Best Of: Dog Names

Not every dog is named Rex

By: Eleanor Munk

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In our Photo Contest and our day-to-day lives, we at Modern Dog know that there are many dogs who have similar names. And there's nothing wrong with that — those names are popular for a reason! However, there are some names that are extremely creative or wonderfully fitting for some doggies, and we're featuring some of our favourites below. – ERM


1) Boose Bear-ington

Boose Bear-ington is an adorable and fitting name for this bear-like St. Bernard! – Boose Bear-ington submitted by Christine


2) Leo's Land Sir Carter, a Clement Gentleman

Who says dogs can't have fancy titles? Sir Carter's full name is a mouthfull, but we love the adorable image of a knighted doggie. – Leo's Land Sir Carter, Clement Gentleman submitted by Shelley S-N


3) Stout

Stout here isn't the only one in our Photocontest with that name, but we think it suits a big Dogue de Bordeaux well, especially if he gets a bit chubby when he's older! – Stout submitted by Anna


4) Macaroni-Sky

Macaroni-Sky was already featuerd in one of our St. Patrick's Day posts, but he was the inspiration for this article! Macaroni-Sky was named after his family's 3-year-old daughter, and we think it is a wonderfully creative name. So we had to include him again! – Macaroni-Sky submitted by Meghan T


5) Hodor

Hodor, named after the literary character from George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, is the perfect name for a sweet, gentle giant like the Saint Bernard breed! – Hodor submitted by Michelle G


6) Vincent the Bandit of New Jersey

We don't know how Vinny, from Little Egg, New Jersey, earned his name, but we bet it has something to do with stealing food when his owners weren't looking! – Vincent the Bandit of New Jersey submitted by Mark and Karen P


7) Dude

Short and simple, we think that Dude is the perfect name for a sweet, laid-back dog like a Great Dane, who can look tough but is also super chill! – Dude submitted by Bryan B


8) Humphrey Squatters McSquishy

McSquishy is the best surname in the world for the guy with that face! – Humphrey Squatters McSquishy submitted by Michelle S


9) Fingjamin

Fingjamin is such a cute name, and one that you don't hear every day! – Fingjamin submitted by Craig and Chelsea


10) Chewburt Putter

We know a lot of dogs like this Pom that could easily earn the nickname "Chewburt", and we bet Chewburt Putter lives up to the name! – Chewburt Putter submitted by Engela and Nico P


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By: Eleanor Munk
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