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Dogs That Are Ready for St. Patrick’s Day

These pups are ready to celebrate in green!

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1) "Ermahgerd, I'm so excited for St. Patrick's Day!"


2) "Look ma, I decorated the house green for you!"


3) "I'm ready to pawwwty."


4) "Do you think the snake scarf is too much? I'm trying to make a fashion statement."


5) "I was born ready for St. Patrick's Day. Even my eyes are green."


6) "This hair bow tie, FLAWLESS."


7) "I'm ready to get my drink on."


8) "Um, can we go out now?"


9) "Rub my belly for luck. C'mon, you know you wanna!"


10) "Aaaaaaand I'm done. Hope everyone had a fun St. Patrick's Day!"

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