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Best Gifts For Dogs: Health & Wellness

Health & wellness gift ideas for your pooch

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Ocu-GLO® is a blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that complement traditional therapy for optimal canine vision support. Ocu-GLO® is the #1 Veterinary Ophthalmologist Recommended Vision Supplement Brand. 



Is your Furball suffering from itchy, stinky Ear infections, Ringworm, or Rashes? Banixx Pet Care to the rescue! Non-toxic, No funky Smells, Safe around the Eyes and Delivers Pawsome Results!


Say goodbye to pet odours with Barkus Odour Neutralizer Coat Spray! Experience freshness and more cuddle time. Human grade, dog approved, and made in Canada. Order now!


Treat your furry family member this New Year with Basepaws Breed + Health Dog DNA Test. Dive deep into their health, traits, and breed! Discover more at

Your dog’s gastrointestinal tract is important to their well-being. Caniotic probiotic tablets contain live, species-specific Lactobacillus reuteri bacteria. Having host-specific bacteria allows the live bacteria to reach the intestines and establish a colony of good bacteria and secretes the metabolite reuterin. Enhances the immune system and supports long term digestive health!


Treat your pooch with Pet Head’s shampoo and deodorising spray – ideal for dogs with sensitive skin. This combo will be leaving your pup feeling jolly soft and smelling super festive. The warm roasted chestnut fragrance has notes of clove, nutmeg and caramel which is the perfect winter warmer for you and your pooch.



#1 ranked, multi-award winning, HandsOn Gloves are the revolutionary all-in-one shedding/ bathing/grooming gloves. Animal preferred for the loving HandOn massage. HandsOn is changing the way we bathe, de-shed and groom all our animals. Forever.


Healthybud’s 1 calorie mini training treats are loaded with superfoods like Lion’s Mane and Salmon Oil for dog’s brain health. These unique treats are trainer-approved and proudly made in



I’m-Yunity for dogs is the only clinically proven medicinal mushroom extract of Coriolus versicolor. It helps to reduce your dog’s pain and fatigue while improving energy levels, mobility, and appetite. Start improving your dog’s immunity and quality of life today! Use code “moderndog” for 5% off, and learn about clinical results and rewards programs.


J.R.LIGGETT’S offers a sensational new line of all-natural pet shampoos in both liquid and solid bar form. Each shampoo is formulated specifically for the individual pet type and their requirements. Use code MD10 for 10% off!



Brush time is a healing experience! It’s gentle and effective, ensuring your pet’s skin remains unharmed. While removing loose fur, it also provides a soothing pet massage.



Calling all Pet Parents! Living Stream Canine Colostrum is an all natural immune boost for your beloved best friend. Insure your Canine’s health, happiness and optimum longevity. Outstanding results Head to Paw!!


OleGold olive leaf extract is a far-reaching supplement that augments your pet’s health. The Multi-functional alternative is clinically tested and formulated for pain relief, motion issues, mood, and anxiety.


Treat your best friend to the gift of good health! Okoa Pet ̓s natural, vet formulated soft chew supplements help calm stressed dogs, improve joint and digestive health, and support a healthy immune system. Made in the USA. 


Orso Farms’ That’ll Do pet CBD tincture is made from certified organic CBD hemp using a solvent free extraction process. It calms dogs, supports physical comfort, and increase mobility. Available for small, medium, and large

This dental care kit for pets features the top-selling Pet Dental Water Additive alongside the Pet Dental Gel Toothpaste plus easy-to-use finger brushes. Hello fresh breath & clean teeth!


The Leave In conditioning treatment is gloss-inducing and detangling, and The Only Brush both detangles and massages. This is how glamour happens! Enjoy the best gloss ever. 



PureForm Essentials is the most popular solution to aid itching, allergies, arthritis, anxiety, and nutrient deficiencies. This is the most comprehensive meal-topper you’ll find, suitable for any age and diet.



Winter weather means cooler temperatures and achy joints for our sweet canine companions. That makes it a perfect time to learn or begin a new career in canine massage. Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage offers a comprehensive Introduction to Canine Therapeutic Massage course!


Vetericyn FoamCare® Shampoo sprays on for quick coverage, foams instantly, conditions skin, and rinses easier than other shampoos! Available in regular, thick coat, and medicated formulas. Paraben-free, plant-based, and fun to use!



Simply Sage Dog Treats offers pet wellness supplies for dogs with allergies and skin problems. The Calming Lavender Dog Paw Balm makes an ideal stocking stuffer for your fur baby.


Improve the quality of life for your pets with automated hands-free delivery of coherent laser energy, over the entire dog. Relieve pain, improve circulation and mobility, reduce anxiety, and speed recovery with LASERwrap®.


Does your dog have sensitive, itchy, irritated skin? The ZYMOX Advanced Enzymatic Shampoo is formulated to soothe, hydrate, and offer relief with gentle, hypoallergenic, and pH-balanced ingredients. Paraben and detergent-free, this shampoo offers a concentrated combination of natural enzymes and hydrating Vitamin D3 and oat extract.


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