Being A Dog Owner Makes You A Better Neighbour!

Being A Dog Owner Makes You A Better Neighbour!
Congrats dog people, having a dog makes us more engaged


A recent study conducted by State Farm found that pet owners are some of the most engaged neighbours. Quite simply, all that extra time outdoors creates opportunities for interactions with neighbours—and having a cute dog certainly breaks the ice!

If you’d like to improve your relationship with your neighbours, nationally recognized advice columnist and etiquette expert Hariette Cole has some advice: when a neighbour shows interest in your dog,  take it as an opportunity to introduce yourself, or even invite them along for the walk! You never know, you just might find a new walking companion, best friend, or, heck, even soul mate! But the best way to win your neighbours’ respect? Control that barking dog. The survey found that 72 percent of neighbours consider a good neighbour a quiet neighbour—that goes for humans and dogs alike!

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