Ask Dog Lady

Ask Dog Lady
If your doggie dilemma has you down in the dumps…


Dear Dog Lady:
When I shower in the morning, I find my dog, Sadie, a Pekinese/Poodle mix, staring at me. I am not sure I am okay with that. What do you think?
- Grant, Irving, TX

Grant, gotcha covered. Dog Lady used to experience the same uneasiness when darling dog gave her the hairy eyeball during naked moments in the bathroom or bedroom. Now, our relationship is totally comfortable and I'd feel even more exposed without my terrier voyeur fixing his intensity on me constantly. In fact, it kind of hurts my feelings when angel gets bored, turns on his paws and walks away. I want to ask, "So what did you expect? Chopped liver?"

A dog's fixed gaze can reflect back our insecurities about our bodies or ourselves. Don't let it rattle you. Sadie loves you so much she is transfixed when you lather up your armpits every morning. No human would ever be that devoted.

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