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A Passion for Giving Back

Rocky Kanaka is leading the charge to feed dogs in need!

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If you haven’t heard of Rocky Kanaka, get ready because you are about to fall in love. Fall in love with his mission to help dogs in need, that is.

As the Founder and President of the award-winning company DOG for DOG, Rocky is making it easy to give back. For every DOG for DOG item purchased, the company donates a meal to a dog in need. DOG for DOG also aims to bring about awareness of overcrowded shelters, education around pet adoptions, spay and neuter programs, and much more.

Rocky’s attitude about making a positive impact is as contagious as his endless energy. He believes helping dogs in need should be an uplifting process. Because of this, Rocky highlights the wonderful stories he sees happen every day. “Sharing the winning stories helps cultivate more winning stories.” Rocky states. “On our first donation drop, I adopted a malnourished boxer named Flip and within days he was diagnosed with distemper. Things were not looking good for Flip, but I stopped at nothing to save him and thankfully he pulled through. I now say that Flip saved me because he is a constant reminder why I can’t stop working to positively impact the lives of animals.”

Rocky has crafted a starring role as the big dreamer entrepreneur turned industry mover and shaker­—taking his small idea and turning it into a nationally recognized brand. With his high-octane energy and movie star good looks, its not surprising he’s been able to bring about impressive milestones for the company.

One main catalyst for the rapid growth of DOG for DOG was meeting Ryan Kavanaugh, Founder and CEO of Relativity Media. Rocky states, “Ryan believed in me and showed me that anything is possible. Meeting Ryan is a true underdog story—it’s not everyday a media tycoon who builds one of the most successful entertainment companies decides that what you are doing is worth supporting.” A huge advocate for ending pet homelessness, Ryan partnered with Rocky so the two of them could accelerate DOG for DOG’s mission.

After Ryan joined, Snoop Dogg, Chelsea Handler, Michael Bublé, and Amar’e Stoudemire also signed on as investors.

Looking ahead, Rocky will be hosting the upcoming television show Save Our Shelters in 2015. Save Our Shelters is a show that will enable shelters that are struggling to learn and grow into sustainable life saving organizations. 

The coolest thing about it all is Rocky stands behind the fact he can’t do it without you:
"Imagine the impact you can make by simply changing your dog food over to DOG for DOG and knowing that every time you feed your dog, you are also feeding a dog in need."

Join the mission of helping dogs in need at or by visiting your local pet store.

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