2018's Best Dog Movies

2018's Best Dog Movies
2018's Best Dog Movies
And the Oscar goes to…the dogs!


In Hollywood, it was most certainly Year of the Dog, with a tremendous array of dog-centered movies in the offering. Here are five you don’t want to miss—grab the “pup”corn and curl up for a movie watching marathon. 

*Popcorn is a great, healthy treat to share with your dog, just hold the salt.

Isle of Dogs

Wes Anderson fan or not, this is a fantastic flick. The stylish stop-motion animation takes place in the future in a fake Japanese town whose mayor has banished all dogs to an island garbage dump. Twelve-year-old Atari Kobayashi lands on Trash Island to find his banished dog, Spots, and is helped in his quest by some of the local dogs. “Nobody’s giving up around here, and don’t you forget it, ever. You’re Rex. You’re King. You’re Duke. You’re Boss! I’m Chief. We’re a pack of scary indestructible alpha dogs,” says Chief, voiced by Brian Cranston. Anderson’s favourites are here, including Bill Murray as Boss and Edward Norton as Rex.

What the critics say
Rotten Tomatoes: 90% positive; Audience Score: 87%


A visual knockout, “Alpha” is an epic, prehistoric adventure centered on the origins of man’s best friend. Set in the Ice Age, this fascinating film, also released in IMAX format, depicts the genesis of the human-canine friendship. When a young man is injured on his first hunt, he has to learn how to survive in the wilderness on his own. Encountering a lone wolf abandoned by his pack, he reluctantly tames him and the two learn to rely on each other, surviving incredible danger on their journey to find their way home before winter comes.

What the critics say
Rotten Tomatoes: 81% positive; Audience Score: 74%

Dog Days

Starring Vanessa Hudgens and Eva Longoria, this ensemble romance packs goofy charm and lots of cute pups. A group of Los Angelenos’ lives intersect when they meet and bond over their dogs—Daisy the dog walker is attracted to a client; Elizabeth the anchorwoman seeks advice from her dog's therapist; Garrett the owner of an adopt-a-dog business pines for romance, and Tara the barista dreams of a life beyond the coffee shop. In this charming rom-com, love is unleashed as cold noses lead to warm hearts.

What the critics say
Rotten Tomatoes: 60% positive; Audience Score: 85%

Megan Leavey

This uplifting drama, based on a real-life story, stars Kate Mara as a disciplined, young Marine corporal deployed in Iraq. Assigned to the K9 unit after a disciplinary hearing, she is drawn to Rex, an aggressive dog she is given a chance to train for military combat. Pairing honest emotion and dramatic action, this film chronicles the deep bond the two develop as they save lives on harrowing missions. But when they are injured in an IED explosion, their future is uncertain.

What the critics say
Rotten Tomatoes: 85% positive; Audience Score: 82%

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