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Stuff We Love – Winter 2022

Modern Dog Staffers’ Picks Of The Litter! 

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1 Is your pooch prone to ear infections? Non-toxic and safe for dogs, the Vetericyn Plus Antimicrobial Ear Rinse cleans discharge and buildup, removes pollutants, and reduces ear odour to help keep your pup’s ears healthy and free of irritants.—Connie ($16,

2 Quench your dog’s thirst on the go! The Spleash attaches to almost any leash, providing a comfortable and convenient handle/water reservoir, so your dog never has to go thirsty! It holds up to 12 oz of fresh drinking water and features a flip-open drinking cup for easy lapping.—Yaunna ($35,

3 Great gift idea! The sweet dog-themed aprons from Alex Ross World let you show off your love for dogs while in the kitchen. Choose from an array of pup-adorned styles.—Frankie ($25,

4 In this adorable children’s story, a young Corgi discovers she is different and goes in search of answers. Madison: The Tale of a Corgi with no Tail by Susan Erickson Catucci and Susan Permury will be a sure-fire hit with the littles in your life.—Constance ($16, or

5 Detangle and moisturize your dog’s coat with Eco Dog Care’s Simply Silky Grooming Spray. Ingredients like aloe vera, argan, and avocado, plus the calming scents of lavender and eucalyptus, keep grooming time stress-free.—Jory ($16,

6 Does trimming your pup’s nails make you nervous? The Zen Clipper Precise from Pet Product Innovations features a patented adjustable blade that prevents you from accidentally cutting the quick. Plus, they clip quietly to reduce stress.—Lucky (from $23,

7 Terrific treats! Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet’s Grain Free Savory Stick dog treats has real meat as the first ingredient and nothing you don’t want—no soy, corn, wheat, artificial colours, or flavours. Four paws up!—Shakira ($7 per bag,

8 Make potty training easier! The highly rated Bulldogology Carbon Dog Pee Pads are extra-large, highly absorbent, and feature adhesive sticky tape to keep the pads from moving. An extra charcoal layer reduces odour and instantly absorbs liquid.—Pippin (from $30,

9 Treats you can feel great about! Kono’s Kitchen single-ingredient training treats give back to rescue pups. Their freeze-dried raw treats are made with GMO-free and hormone-free raw proteins sourced in the U.S. for a treat both you and your dog will love.—Jennifer ($18 per bag,

10 Struggling with leash pulling? Joyride Harnesses are secure, effective no-pull harnesses. Featuring two adjustable straps, they’re easy to put on and take off—and really work!—Cecilia (from $40,

11 Relatable, hilarious, and heartwarming! Tracy Beckerman’s memoir Barking at the Moon shows that the most challenging, mischievous dogs take us on the greatest journey. Dog people will identify with Riley, the retrievers’ antics and misadventures.—Mina ($16, or

12 The adorable dog-themed footwear and apparel in the BOBS from Skechers™ collection are comfy and stylish—and we love that the brand gives back to shelter animals in need across North America by partnering with Petco Love!—Linda (from $45,

13 Delight young dog-loving readers with Barley’s Biscuit children’s storybook series by Roy Bradshaw. You’ll fall for Barley and Basil, curious Border Collie pups who love to go on adventures!—Simran ($8 per book, or

14 Incredible gift idea! Create a one-of-a-kind nose print pendant with Robin’s Loving Touch and receive a beautiful, custom pendant in 14 karat gold, white gold, sterling silver, or solid chrome.—Anna (from $277,


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