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Labrador X pit bull
Las Vegas

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This picture is of Tila Marie on Thanksgiving 2010. I met Tila on my birthday in 2009, she was at a pet store which was holding adoptions. I was not in any way looking for a pet as I had lost my Chloe (the love of my life) the year before after having her for 15 years and thought I could never replace her. I have more of a connection with animals then people so of course i loved them all, they were all in cages acting excited and barking when I walked over to Tila's cage she lay there quietly, looking big and dusty. She had her front legs crossed and was quietly chewing on a raw ride bone. I looked at her and she looked up at me and i started crying instantly (i am crying as i write this) as she looked into my eyes, i seen Chloe and i felt so strongly in my heart that I had to have her. I knew nothing about her but I had to have her, to take care of her and her of me. I was told she was around 2 or 3 at the time and was given up a 1 1/2 years ago as the family foreclosed and had to move back to the East Coast. However she was with another pit bull that they had requested be a "package deal" i knew there was no way I could have 2 dogs so i called everyone i knew asking if they would take her sister that she had grown up with, she was a beautiful looking pit bull. I offered to pay for all of her up keep however no one was interested. I walked away that day crying and miserable. I had to have this beautiful girl. The day after my birthday still upset at the thought of never seeing her again i was sitting in my living room with my older sis and father (he and my mother were visiting from Australia) when i heard our garage door open, then the kitchen door. I suddenly heard little foot steps on the tiles then suddenly she ran straight to me. I hugged her so hard, i cried and cried my eyes out. The owner of the no kill shelter had accompanied my Mother and younger sister to make sure she was going to a good home, they came complete with video camera in hand to film. They allowed Tila to be adopted without her sister (kennel sister) I was told she had been there so long because large, black dogs are hard to adopt out. Im so grateful that other ppl overlooked this most amazing girl because she is my heart and soul. She is my shadow and comes EVERYWHERE with me, she loves being the only dog in the house because all of the attention is on her. She is so amazingly sweet and gentle and every single person that meets her falls in love at first sight. I have friends always asking to dog sit her, kids in the neighborhood asking if "Tila can come out to play" she's the best thing in my life. Her love is unconditional, whenever i am not well or a little down she gets off her bed and will come cuddle. She is such a huge part of my life that when i got married in September this year I made sure she was able to attend. I had turned down several ceremonial places once I found out she could not be a part of our day. I found a most gorgeous location that would allow Tila to be in our wedding, she had a tutu with roses that matched the bridesmaids dressed (on her tutu) and he very own veil, if anyone was going to upstage me on my wedding day it was certainly Tila. More people asked for pix with her then me lol my love for Tila is amazing and there is nothing i would not do for her happiness and well being.
T, TT, Moo Moo
Attention, Swimming, Her stuffed toys...
Thunder Storms, People wearing hoodies
Favorite Foods: 
Purina Busy Chewnola
Favorite Pastimes: 
Taking her stuffed toys EVERYWHERE she goes, Swimming at the lake

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Hey cranny, I remember when me n my son came to visit u all from Australasia n my son was nearly 2 n had never ever been near or touch a dog in his small Liddell life, when he firs saw tila he was soo scared that I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to stay with you. By the end of the first week at your place due to most loving nature of TT Marcus start to allow TT to get closer playing his cars right beside her, y favorite moment which really spun me out was the day we walked past n saw arcs n TT asleep on the lounge and Marcus had his hand rest on TT, couldn't believe it, then he would grab TT's tail bin only two Marcus didn't realize that could hurt TT, most other dogs would go to turn to nibble his finger to make him not touch but TT is loving n caring n simply took.. I'm soo not a dg lover but I truly believe she was sent to channy. TT we love you, good luck you deserve it xxx
Thu, 12/20/2012 - 12:39

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