Dog Memorials

Gone, but not forgotten. Memorial tributes to our canine friends.

Losing a beloved dog is never easy, and for many of us the grief can seem unbearable. Click here to find some resources to help.

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(October 31, 2001 - January 19, 2014)
By Mike & Andrea in SC.. USA
We had our beautiful girl Sadie Lynne for a little over 14 years! She was such a fun loving girl, who was very protective of her family. She was "mommy's little girl' and followed me... Read More
(June 30, 2004 - April 19, 2013)
By Allison 1965 in Norfolk UK
Blazey boy was a very special boy, by the age of 2 he needed both back knee cruciate ligaments replaced. Despite the pain he would drag us out for walks whatever the weather. When he was 8 he was... Read More
(February 15, 2009 - August 16, 2015)
By Kristie Stodder in Raleigh, NC
Buford was a special English Bulldog full of energy that stole my heart from the start. He loved to drag blankets around the house like a little boy. My fondest memory is of him outside running... Read More
(December 31, 2004 - July 23, 2015)
By Barbara & Ernest Cano in Peoria, AZ
This is my girl Tonka. Everyone thought she was a boy but she was all girl. I never knew how different dogs have different relationships with their owners. I have loved and lost a few pets so far but... Read More
(October 31, 2001 - March 19, 2012)
By S. Nakamura in Seattle, WA
A very sweet friend, gentle, quirky, sensitive, had a physical strength that he never exploited or realized. Was always so patient for his meals, made for a good pillow on the couch, part Lab/Pit... Read More


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