Dog Memorials

Gone, but not forgotten. Memorial tributes to our canine friends.

Losing a beloved dog is never easy, and for many of us the grief can seem unbearable. Click here to find some resources to help.

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(November 4, 2000 - February 26, 2013)
By Sharlotte in Toronto
(February 2, 2000 - November 3, 2012)
By Anissa Fiore in Keyport, New Jersey
Ginger was a great dog. She was loveable and so very playful. she loved to play with her ball and when we went to the dog park she loved to chase after her ball. Miss her to pieces. RIP Ginger... Read More
(October 17, 2010 - December 13, 2011)
By Aki Kunishige in Rapid City, SD
He has a big sister whom he always protected and he was a funny and a loving really good little Beagle and I miss him everyday and I will always will and he will always be in my hart! I love you... Read More
(March 11, 2001 - December 1, 2013)
By Maureen in basingstoke
A dog that would never let you down. best friends.
(September 25, 2001 - May 17, 2013)
By Amanda in Virginia, USA
Reese was the sweetest most kind-hearted pup in the world. He was such a gentleman and so human. He would walk us to and from the car every time. Just looking at him could bring you out of the... Read More


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