Dog Memorials

Gone, but not forgotten. Memorial tributes to our canine friends.

Losing a beloved dog is never easy, and for many of us the grief can seem unbearable. Click here to find some resources to help.

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(September 20, 2006 - September 20, 2009)
By Cathy Badgett in Westminster, MD
Peppie was the love of my life when my mom passed. He was also an employee at my gift shop until his passing. He will never be forgotten.
(August 20, 2013 - November 24, 2013)
By Taylor Garza
Charlie lived a short life but he lived a full life. That puppy had no will to live but he found happiness when we brought him home. Charlie gained his hearing and sight back and loved the sound of... Read More
(August 16, 1993 - January 13, 2009)
By Tammy Allen & Jamie Stephen in Richmond, IN
Winston wasn't a dog to us. He was our furry brother. He was brought into the family when I was only 2 years old, and lived until we had to put him down due to Cancer, when he was almost 16... Read More
(October 9, 1998 - August 27, 2012)
By Isabella Sommer in In my heart
Liza always wore a cheerful smile and had beautiful auburn eyes,in her old age when she glanced up at me and smiled my heart instantly warmed up and I felt like crying.We shared memories that will... Read More
(January 1, 2004 - November 14, 2010)
By Rae Chang in Perak Malaysia


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