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Pet Talk: Getting Your Pets Microchipped

Pet Talk: Getting Your Pets Microchipped

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Many of us take every precaution we can to protect our pets. With growing technology in the veterinary field, new measures of protection for companion animals are now available to owners at a low cost. Microchipping, one of the newest ways to locate and identify lost animals, is growing in popularity and efficiency. more
I'm Yunity

Magical Medicinal Mushrooms

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Fight cancer the natural way with I'm-Yunity, a medicinal mushroom extract made from the Coriolus Versicolor, or Zhi, mushroom. An effective way to help the body fight cancer is to boost immune function, and this clinically proven mushroom supplement not only improves the immune systems of dogs but also slows the growth of cancerous hemangiosarcoma tumours, and in some cases, reduces their size. more

Puppy Love!

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Lola submitted by Sandra Cerrato Johnson   more
How to Introduce Dogs

How to Introduce Dogs

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Your average cocktail party has a variety of characters making an appearance. You’ve got the exuberant (some might say pushy) guy who acts like you’re his long-lost cousin, hugging you the second you meet. He spends the rest of the night invading your personal space. There’s the introvert, starting a conversation with the host’s cat rather than talk to any of the other guests. You might find a socialite, perfectly charming, fluttering among the guests like a sparkly vision, but never settling on anyone too long. more

Looking For A Job You'll Love?

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The Pet Bed & Toy MakerHow a globe-trotting Fortune 500 consultant transformed himself into an eco-friendly pet entrepreneur and gained a life he loves more


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