Everything You Need To Know About Heartworm

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What is Heartworm? Heartworm disease is as scary as it sounds. It is a severe and potentially fatal disease caused by parasitic worms that like to live in the heart and the arteries of the lungs of many types of mammals. Heartworms are a type of roundworm and dogs of any age or breed are susceptible to infection. more
Zak George

Zak George Proposes A New Approach To Dog Training

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Squad Goals

5 Dog Crews You Want To Be A Part Of

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When you're cozied up on the couch marathoning all the Air Bud movies. Brooklyn and his friends submitted by Beatrice.    When you're the cutest things to ever enter the back of a pick-up truck.  more
Dog for Dog

Food Donated To Dogs Affected by Fort McMurray Tragedy

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Dog for Dog has just announced that, from now until May 20th, they will be donating all bags of food from their "buy one, give one model" in Canada to dogs affected by the catastrophic Fort McMurray fires. The wildfires broke out last week and quickly spread across the the Northern Alberta town. more

When Should You Be Switching Your Dog's Food?

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As we get to know our pets, it becomes so easy to draw parallels between their needs and ours. We all need to eat, sleep, and of course a little love every so often, but most importantly we can see that for both humans and our pets, nutrition plays a huge part in living a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. more


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