Is Your Dog Losing His Hearing?

Category: Health
Pets can experience hearing loss just like humans. Hearing loss in pets may be the result of disease, old age, or the pet may even be born deaf. No matter the cause, pets with hearing loss can still be great companions. more
Doggie olympics

Is Your Pup Fit Enough For The Olympics?

Category: Dog Life
Got a star athlete at home? Of course you do! They just need the right tools to get them motivated, fuelled, hydrated, and replenished after a long day of training. With these medal-worthy products your dog is all set to go for Gold!  FUEL If your little all-star is running low on time and energy grab a PowerBark bar, loaded with added vitamins and minerals to keep Fido going when on-the-go! more
Injured dog

What To Do If Your Pet Is Injured

Category: Health
Seeing an injured or distressed animal can make some people feel helpless, especially those who have never approached an injured pet. Because injured pets could be in pain, scared, or confused, it is important to act appropriately to ensure they see a veterinarian and get medical help. Dr. Medora Pashmakova, clinical assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM), offered some insight on what to do if your pet is injured. more
Katherine Heigl Loves Chihuahuas

Katherine Heigl Loves Chihuahuas

Category: Celeb
We love dogs of all breeds and sizes, but having fostered a series of Chihuahuas here at Modern Dog HQ, we admittedly have a soft spot for the saucy Chi's. Do you know that Chihuahuas are one of the breeds most commonly found at shelters, after Pitbulls and American Staffordshire Terriers? In California and Arizona alone, shelters are overflowing with them. But the issue doesn’t know geographic boundaries—it runs coast to coast. more
clear shelters

Clear the Shelters! Rescue Transport to Save Over 350 Dogs From Euthanasia

Category: Inspire
We couldn't be more thrilled... Modern Dog is about to participate in a rescue transport to save more than 350 shelter animals from euthanasia! On August 19th and 20th, over a hundred volunteers and dozens of animal groups will participate in Animal Aid USA’s largest rescue of the year, saving over 350 animals on the euthanasia list at Georgia shelters! more


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