Thanks to Modern Dog Magazine, our little product line has garnered
attention from Fargo, North Dakota to Paris, France, Rossland, B.C. to
Lithuania and all points in between. We have allocated our entire
advertising budget to this World Class publication from the beginning-there
is no reason to go anywhere else. We’re intensely proud to have our collars
shown in this beautifully put together Canadian success story.

-Heidi Leinert,

JAKKS Pets loves Modern Dog!! From our White Bites Oral Care Treats for
pets who want the cleanest teeth and breath, to our classic and beloved AKC
toys and travel convenience meals, with this hip pet magazine we’re able to
reach our key consumers and definitely see a return on our investment time
and again!

-Genna Rosenberg,;

Advertising with Modern Dog has given us an opportunity to reach a whole
new group of people who we had not touched in the past. The magazine is a
pleasure to read and has been a natural complement to our product line. It
has attracted a great number of new accounts that had not seen us before and
seen what we could offer. They have been a pleasure to work with and make it
easy for us to display our products in a new and exciting way.

-Viva Singer,

I have been advertising my dog biscuit company, Blissful Biscuits, in
Modern Dog for several years now, and a big majority of the calls we receive
for additional information, refer to the ad in the magazine. We’re a small
company on a tight advertising budget, so every dollar has to count. We
have a nice sized ad at a reasonable price, and reach a lot of customers.
So why not advertise in Modern Dog?

-Susan Jacobs,

Modern Dog Magazine has always been our favourite way to showcase ourselves
to the more discerning dog-owner. They provide a premium-quality magazine
experience, with outstanding art-direction, and content that we feel our
boutique should associate itself with. Our participation with Modern Dog
Magazine for editorial content, photo shoots, and as a platform for our
advertising has garnered very positive responses for us, and we are happy
with the results!

-Nancy Howatson,

Advertising with Modern Dog has been the most successful print advertising
we have run around the world. In fact you’re the only dog magazine whose
advertising actually works and we have stopped campaigns totally using other
pet mags all together.

-Hazel Clarke,

I have gotten some great calls and contacts from the ad and so far I am
happy with the whole experience

-Kayla Ware,

Modern dog is the magazine to advertise in for us. Modern dog was one of
the pioneers of the doggy "lifestyle" magazines, and with their great
content and clean modern aesthetic they are a perfect match for our
products. We have had a great response to our ads from clients, but more
importantly for us, many retailers use this magazine a resource to find new

-Glenn Ross,

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