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Meet: Zeus Chaney

Rick and Arlene Chaney

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Hi I'm Zeus..I'm the great protector of my mom mess with my mom and you will see the anger or the wrath in me....and also I'm very loving dog... and also I'm such a handsome dog,
8 years old
Theres no nicknames, just call me Zeus.
Bone, during our playtime with my best friend maze (she's a cat) and when she throw the bone through the kitchen counter and also through the living room table...
When you try to mess with my mom, i dislike that
Favorite Foods: 
The purina and the human food but dont get me wrong, coz I'm trying to stay and be cute just to get human food,,,and I didn't have to snatch it through there hands..
Favorite Pastimes: 
Napping and also putting me outside with my dad... and also playing with my mom...

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