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Meet: Sammy Guzman

Mini poodle
Felipe Sustaita 3

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Been ran over 3 times got kicked by a horse, stood up to a bull and made it walk away to Sam turning 16 is just a number, he is the king of the block, the O.G Hype dog still stealing the hearts of wome and bringing joy to children. the cosplay community say Sam is the greatest cosplayers ever that he is the hero/champion that they needed. Sam loves free play arcades and has his own free play arcade Tesuday Night Fight belt. Found under a bridge and scared to being king of the block life is good
Sammy the cosplaying dog, the froed one, the king of the blocked
People, and strawberries.
Being left alone.
Favorite Foods: 
Cheese, jalapeno poppers, strawberries.
Favorite Pastimes: 
Loves to cosplay and ride in cars and being held like a baby.

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