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Meet: Mack

Red Boston Terrier
Denise Grindle

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Mack is a rescued Red Boston Terrier, when we first got him.. He was the tiniest thing. Nothing but bones, fragile bones at that.. After being in a splint for a few weeks and taking his meds from the vet, he's now healthy and growing everyday! We're so proud of his process, and how loving he is.
4 months
Playing, running, climbing on everything, digging, eating, farting, and sleeping
Staying at home, getting in trouble, and being "ignored".
Favorite Foods: 
pup-peroni, Bark Worthies, and Stuffing out of a Fugly Friend!
Favorite Pastimes: 
Meeting Choe (His older BT brother) for the first time, as well as the first time he was allowed in the bed.

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